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A brief guide to the North China family history

Family History: A brief guide to the North China

  • Lawrence Lou

    Lawrence is the owner and manager of the North China Restaurant. He was born in Hong Kong and traveled to the UK in 1971. Lawrence has worked from his youth at the North China Restaurant since 1977. Lawrence's aim is to provide Northern Chinese cooking at its best. Paying particular attention to the ingredients and raw materials, making sure they are of the highest quality and freshness.

  • Chef Lou

    Chef Lou is the founder of the North China Restaurant which opened in 1976. He came to the UK in 1967 as Head Chef of Mr Chow in Knightsbridge. Before this he was a Head chef in Japan since 1964. He is still active today in the everyday running of the restaurant even though he is well into his 80s.

  • Grandfather

    Lawrence's Grandfather came to the UK in 1972 to retire and Lived to the grand old age of 99. He was in his late 70s in 1976 when the restaurant was opened, so didn't have a fixed role in the restaurant, but he was always there to make sure everyone behaved, and it was always seen as a high point for customers when he made an appearance. He always looked very striking with his long white beard and mandarin style clothes. He enjoyed the buzz and the atmosphere and was always the last one to leave the restaurant making sure everything was properly locked no matter how late it was.

  • Family

    The North China restaurant was originally opened in 1976 by my father Mr Hung Sun Lou, or Chef Lou as he is fondly known to most.He was head chef in a chinese restaurant in Japan for 4 years before coming to England in 1967, taking the envyable position as First Head Chef in the 'Mr Chow' restaurant in Knightsbridge. After two years he moved on to Edinburgh retaining this postion for a further seven years before moving to London and opening the North China restaurant. Now retired he still cannot keep away from the kitchen and helps out from time to time.

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